Skate Event

Skate Event

Easter Surf Fest 2016 Skateboard Obstacle / Slalom Course



Wikipedia defines Skateboarding as an action sport or recreational activity involving riding and performing tricks using a skateboard but it is much more involving a culture that spans the world over.

The Skateboard community has been crafted into by many skateboarders through a period dating back to the 1940’s. As things stand today the Skateboarding industry is responsible for a annual revenue in excess of 5 billion U.S. Dollars serving millions of participants.

Skateboarding is more popular than baseball,…. By the turn of the century 11 million skateboarded to 8 million opting for baseball, for the under 18 age group roughly 4 million more youngsters skateboard rather than play baseball. The U.S. Military has even ventured into using skateboards in “Urban Warfare Training Exercises” for the Marine Corps


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